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In a fascinating article, “A Question for the Ages — Analysis,” The Strad explores issues raised by a group of luthiers in Belgium who are calling for musicians to play or travel with antique instruments less in order to preserve their value or to keep them in museum settings so they can be constantly monitored for their “playability,” as advocated by the curator of Cremona’s Museo del Violino. The Society’s Executive Director Suzanne Fushi was one of the experts consulted for The Strad’s exploration of this important issue, and while she believes that proper care is critical, “These instruments were made between 300 and 400 years ago and have been played seriously for most of their lives. They were built for this, and so I think it’s very important that they continue to be played.” Tamio Kano, Managing Director of the Nippon Music Foundation agrees. The Strad subscribers can read more at